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SWEP enables schools to track their water usage using data logger technology.

By thoroughly monitoring water usage, schools can detect and rectify leaks, saving water and money. The program also provides students with an opportunity to learn about water efficiency in a tangible and realistic environment.

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SWEP is funded by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action and the Department of Education and Training

The program allows facility managers, teachers and students access to up-to-date water consumption information through an interactive platform that delivers water consumption data in a timely manner via a user friendly and functional interface.

Complementing the platform, participating schools will receive access to a tailored curriculum program, which incorporates the school’s water data in mathematics and sciences as well as providing students with robust water saving messages which they can apply at home.

SWEP is a voluntary program which is open to all schools within Victoria.

Schools will receive access to the SWEP web site for the first year of the program at no cost.** Following the completion of the first year, schools will be required to pay a data hosting and access fee of $150 per year plus GST for the following two years of the program.

  • Tailored

    Access to a tailored curriculum program, designed specially to use "real" water consumption data from the data loggers in teaching and to provide relevant take home messages for students about water usage and leak identification.

  • Identification

    An ability to undertake high level leak detection at school premises to identify and to determine action paths to improve the school’s overall efficiency. Acting on leaks saves money and water!

  • Understanding

    To develop a better understanding of water consumption both within the school’s premises but also to pose questions about water use that students can apply in a household setting

  • Accessibility

    The program’s accessibility – any school with a computer can access the program and they don’t necessarily need to be on mains water.

  • Economy

    A benefit to all program participants is the economy achieved through the bulk purchase of the data loggers and development of the web platform keeping any contribution fees to a minimum.

To register, simply visit the registration page and complete the form and the SWEP team will arrange for your data logger(s) to be installed.

The SWEP web platform also provides access to an interactive map of Victoria with the latest information on water storage levels, allocations, restrictions and links to water authorities across the State.

Use of this application is freely available to the public, and can be accessed by unregistered schools and individuals at www.depi.vic.gov.au/water/in-your-region.

** Schools wishing to install more than two data loggers may purchase additional loggers from the program at a reduced rate.

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