Schools Water Efficiency Program

Find leaks, save water and promote
water education in your school

  • What is SWEP?

    The Schools Water Efficiency Program provides data loggers to all Victorian schools to continue the education and demonstration of water efficiency in practice.

  • What's involved?

    Installation is quick and easy with data loggers fitted in just minutes, there’s no need for the water to be turned off so installation can happen at any time.

  • Makes learning fun

    An exclusive, program specific curriculum resource is available providing relevant water efficiency activities for students.

  • Getting started

    Register your school to become one of the first in the state to access tailored materials and personalised information.
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How does it work?

The data loggers are attached to the schools water meter and track how much water is being used. They transmit a daily file each night, which is uploaded into the SWEP website ready for access the following day.

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SWEP is award winning, too!

Victoria Water Awards United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Awards - Winner 2014

It's what's on the inside that counts Here are some examples of what you'll get when you register:

Calculator Standard Reporting Comparison
Reservoir High School

High School

Since joining SWEP Reservoir High School has saved more than 6.3 million litres of water that would have otherwise cost them $24,000 in water related charges.

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Mill Park Secondary College

Mill Park
Secondary College

Not long after the installation of the Schools Water Efficiency Program data loggers at Mill Park Secondary College, Facilities Manager Wayne Baker realised the benefit SWEP offers - not just his school, but all participating schools.

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Wodonga Senior SC

Wodonga Senior
Secondary College

Within two days of the installation at Wodonga Secondary College it was obvious there was a substantial issue, the school had a leak of approximately 1,200 litres per hour or 20 litres per minute.

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Little River Primary School

Little River
Primary School

Registering for SWEP in May 2012, Little River Primary School faced a unique set of challenges. Their primary concern wasn’t to monitor their mains water supply, rather ensuring their school is making the most efficient use of their 90,000L tank supply.

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